Autoware Installation using Docker image

Installation process of the Autoware software is based on the description of the installation from Autoware web-site:

Docker Image is based on twbabyduck/autoware:1.9.1-kinetic-opengl image developed by user twbabyduck


1. Install Ubuntu 16.04


2. Install Nvidia priopretary, binary driver  (Ubuntu System Settings):

Installation of binary NVidia driver


3. Setup Docker CE - follow Docker's installation website and follow paragraph Install using the repository. At the end of the installation process verify that Docker CE is installed correctly by running the hello-world image:

$ sudo docker run hello-world


4. Install Docker Plugin provided by NVIDIA in order to access NVIDIA GPUs from Docker Container. Follow these nvidia-docker instructions

Installation of NVidia Docker Plugin


5. Clone Autoware GitHub repository:

git clone
$ cd Autoware/docker/generic

Clone Autoware GitHub repository


6. Change the Docker Image name in file (in /Autoware/docker/generic/ directory):

From "autoware/autoware:latest kinetic":

Change Docker Image name

 To "romandmo/autowarerd:latest" :

Change Docker Image name to romandmo/autowarerd:latest


7. In /Home/root/ folder create .Xathority file:

- from /home/root/ folder remove unnecessary folder .Xauthority

- from your user folder e.g. /home/user/ copy file .Xauthority to folder /home/root/

- assign necessery permission to file .Xauthority in /home/root/ folder

sudo chmod a+rwx .Xauthority

Below you can find a complete list of all necessery commands (where user name: roman):

Create .Xauthority file in Root folder


8. In /home/root/ folder add necessery permission to folder "shared_dir":

sudo chmod 777 share_dir

Add permission to shared_folder directory


9. Download Docker Image of Autoware:

sudo docker pull romandmo/autowarerd:latest

Pull the Docker Image of Autoware


10. Run the Autoware Docker Image:

cd Autoware/docker/generic
sudo ./

Inside the Docker run the Autoware:

autoware@autoware3:~$ cd Autoware/ros
autoware@autoware3:~/Autoware/ros$ ./run

Run the autoware from the Docker Image


The full description of Autoware system you can find at Autoware web-site: